7 Hidden Facebook Features Nobody Told You About

In the last decade, social media platforms have conquered the world with their innovative and instant connection feature. Now we can share anything with millions in seconds and get instant information about what’s happening worldwide. Snapchat and Instagram have attracted people to share their activities through their instant sharing features.

However, Facebook is the one that brought the trend to social media and provided a means to stay connected with family and friends. Over the years, mobile technology has changed the direction of social networking from desktop to mobile apps.

But Facebook is the only social sharing portal still successfully hosting its desktop version in the smartphone age.

Hidden features of Facebook

Facebook has been around for around time, but it still has some useful options and features you might not have known. Wouldn’t you like to learn these secret tricks?

If so, the wording is enough to take a closer look. Below are the ten most amazing hidden Facebook features you can use to optimize your account.

1. The inbox for secret messages

We all use the Facebook messaging choice to stay connected with our friends. However, there is a hidden section in the Messages tab that contains messages from users you are not yet associated with. Most people are not familiar with this message binder.

The “Message Requests” folder demonstrates all the messages you have received from unknown users and their connection requests. To access this folder, click on Messages in your profile, and you will see the Message Request folder next to Recent, and clicking on the tab will reveal messages from strangers.

2. Find out who is breaking into your account

Having a Facebook account connected to hundreds or thousands of friends also has downsides. If others know your password, they could customize your account to perform suspicious or malicious activities.

However, a hidden option gives you peace of mind to find out who is accessing your account. Go to the security page. Under the security binder, you will see a link. “Where are you connected.”

Clicking the link will scan all Facebook logins via desktop or mobile. It displays information based on location, device, and web browser. Here you can stop permission for a single person or the entire machine.

3. Get your blog

If you feel like sharing things beyond status and your notes, formerly Facebook has an option. Facebook “Notes” is an eye that few users are aware of, allowing users to create a blog on the social television platform.

You can write lengthy paragraphs, enhance multiple images, and modify your page to share your thoughts with others regularly. Just go to Facebook.com/Notes and start your blogging page on Facebook.

4. Know what you’ve been doing on Facebook so far

Want to download a copy of all your Facebook activity from the day you joined the community? You could. In addition to status updates, see the picture and everything you’ve shared over the years in one place. Facebook offers a nose to download all your past activity, including chat messages.

To download all your Facebook information, go to Settings, click General and select the option “Download all your Facebook data.” This option comes in handy if you decide to delete your account.

5. Appoint a steward for your Facebook legacy

what do you think about death Yes, it is inevitable, and one day we will have to say goodbye to this world. Facebook has also given some thought and added another feature that users are less familiar with.

You can designate an “old contact” for your profile which will manage your account once you’re in a better place. The legacy contact can access limited account options, including writing a pinned post, replying to a new friend request, and altering the cover or profile photo.

6. Get more security for your account

It is always wiser to ensure your safety and to take precautions with your information online. You have a password-protected Facebook account.

However, hackers still have access to many profiles. You can chain your profile with extra security; this involves three steps.

First go to Settings → Security and login → Add extra security, now select the Two-factor authorization option. You must first access your phone to log into your account from a new device.

Turn on alerts and notifications when someone tries to log into your Facebook account from another device.

Give Facebook the names of your trusted associates; they will help you if you are blocked from accessing your account. This also allows you to regain access to your account if you forget your password or lose your device.

7. Prioritize and organize your newsfeed

Most of your profile is covered with messages about your connections and interests. So it should be clean and sound to you, with no distractions or unwanted posts.

To ensure you see posts that interest you, you need to edit them every time you scroll through your newsfeed. Click on the three dots following the “Newsfeed” tab and select “Edit settings.”

Now click on the “Prioritize who sees first” option. This allows you to choose the Pages and brands you want to see posts from.

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