Top highlights from Google Marketing Live 2019:

Top highlights from Google Marketing Live 2019: Discovery Ads, the Google Ads app, and other updates

We’re still not out of the Google I/O 2019 conference; another annual Google event is making the rounds on the internet. Google Marketing Live has always been a significant event for digital marketers worldwide.

Google Marketing Live 2019 finally arrived on May 15 after significant announcements, including updates on more visual app announcements, discovery announcements, gallery announcements, shopping updates, and more in a two-day event.

Google’s annual event last year, Marketing Live 2018, covered significant changes to YouTube ads.

cross-device reporting in Google Analytics, machine learning (ML), Google ad innovations, and other platforms. This year, Google’s annual event features another revolutionary update.

This article covers the highlights of the Google Marketing Live event.

Google Marketing Live schedule

One point worth noting is that it was the first time Google Marketing Live had live streamed eight hours of additional gratifies from the conference. Persons communicated directly with product managers via live Q&A.

Google’s annual event last year, Marketing Live 2018, covered significant changes to YouTube ads, cross-device reporting in Google Analytics, machine learning (ML), Google ad innovations, and other platforms.

This year’s Google Marketing Live event was another milestone for Google Ads.

Google Marketing Live Ads Highlights 2019

At this year’s annual Google event, Google announced “10+ new digital marketing products.” Let’s see some of the highlights of Google Marketing Live ads.

1. Google Ads App Updates

You could only pause and run text ads in the Google Ads app in a Google Adwords campaign. Right? But not anymore!

Responsive search ads are getting a boost from Google. In the coming week, you will be able to create and edit responsive search ads directly in the Google Ads app.

So if you’re vacationing in the mountains and want to start a Google Adwords campaign, you can write an innovative headline and launch offers right from your Google Ads app.

According to Google officials, ad creation and editing will soon be available in other formats. Another update that will be implemented is the new recommendations and notifications.

With the new recommendations, you can add fresh or negative keywords, pause underperforming, and disable all innovative bidding strategies in your Google AdWords campaign.

Users will also receive notifications in their Google Ads app to inform them about new performance improvement opportunities.

2. More effective local campaigns

Local campaigns are the first campaign type in Google Ads, specifically created to help marketers drive foot traffic to local businesses. In recent studies involving ten advertisers, local campaigns were found to help brands achieve a 5x incremental average return on ad spend from their store locations.

Local campaigns continue to expand to serve more advertisers, including small businesses and to drive other types of local actions like phone calls or directions to your business. This also includes companies that do not have store visit measurements enabled.

Google also plans to improve ads in local campaigns to show product-specific information and offers.

3. Introduction to Google Discovery Ads

In its joint study with Ipsos, Google found that 76% of customers appreciate unexpected discoveries when shopping. And 85% of customers receive an action related to the product within 24 hours after exploring it and receiving information such as reviews or price comparisons before buying it.

At the last Google Marketing Live event, Google introduced Discovery Ads. These ads will be available to merchants or advertisers later this year. Discovery ads are a new approach to reaching your audience across Google products when they discover your products and services. The Discovery Ads ad featured:

  • Ads filled with rich, relevant creativity

Now marketers can target customers with an open canvas that showcases their products via slider-style carousel images and displays them natively on any Google property.

Deliver Better Performance

By combining colossal reach and creative canvas by understanding Google’s intent. With their help, you can confidently predict customers’ needs and offer the results that you think suit them best.

  • Massive reach through cross apps

Digital marketers can use Youtube Homebased Feed, Social Tabs, and Gmail Promotions to reach massive audiences using a single Google Ads campaign.

4. New Google Shopping Ads

This is another major update for Google Marketing Live 2019. Google introduced a new look for shoppable ads, with exciting ways for shoppers to explore and compare millions of products from multiple stores.

Customers can choose from online products at a store near them and directly from Google. It has now become a one-stop workshop for retailers and brands, bringing together local deals and transactions in one place to help them attach with clients.

Shoppers get a personalized home page under the Shopping tab where they can filter based on the features they like to see and your brand preferences. Shoppers can view product reviews and videos.

5. Google brings Google Ads deep links to your app

At Google Marketing Live 2019, the company announced that it is launching an app that is tightly integrated with Google Ads and will increase reporting efficiency.

In their blog post, Google stated that “on average, deep-linked ad experiences double conversion rates.”

Users who use the seller’s app are redirected to that app from the search, buy, or view campaigns. Enables a personalized and accelerated shopping experience.

It is used to create a seamless experience for customers, including an anonymous mobile web experience that requires the completion of customer credentials.

These new updates to Google Ads are part of an effort to start the war with Amazon and slash some of the profits the e-commerce giants used to have. The latest Google Ads updates will help the company provide ads and services that are more closely related to actual transactions, and because of this, the company will be able to charge more money.

Well, Google is showing serious intentions to fend off its competitors and prepare for the holiday season!

You can also watch the Google Marketing Live keynote video on the official website.

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