How Can I Improve Privacy On Facebook And WhatsApp

Privacy On Facebook And WhatsApp

The privacy of personal information is increasingly being investigated by users of digital media, although it may be true that many of them are not at risk due to ignorance or negligence. Although data filtering is not available, social media tools are available for the publicity you created, which you may or may not see, and also consider other advantages.

On Facebook, for example, the largest social network in the world with more than 2,450 million users and millions of users, all of the hidden functions on the “Settings” tab are accumulated at the top of each profile. It is commonly used in the upper right section. From which you can do many works.

Set Security Measures Including

For starters, it’s better to enter a robust password that is hard to find (cars, lowercase, alias, avoid personal information…) and, although it may be a little harder, you can activate a double-level verification system. In this way, it will protect your account more.

Also, advised not to block your browser or device from password saving. It’s true to measure the benefits, especially if you’re going several times a day, but you can take the risk. It is also useful to provide authentication devices, as well as activate the system to secure an unknown event on your logins.

Who Can See What I Publish?

Facebook allows you to update the bottles you’d like to see. But this difference has left many users. The reason is that I am no one, no one cares what I say.

Don’t worry, but it’s interesting to explore this path so that you don’t want to watch the public anywhere else. “We never know, especially if you’re one of those people (or parents) who constantly imagining pictures of our children. Finally, there are plenty of options to offer all your secrets, for example, by using the “Secretary’s Secretariat” to decide “who would you like to see your publications” You can find more resources in it. (Public, Friends, Secret, Friends, Friends? You can also “write back to your original collection. You can use this option in a biography” once you can’t unlock the program, so you can check the journal entry.

And If We Can Say, What Friends Do We Want?

Another of the most interesting Facebook devices includes the ability to decide which user requests they can send to us. There are users who use this social network as a personal community, only by placing them on a network of friends and close relatives. To prevent anyone from talking about our profile, it is important to at least look into this section. In the picture, we can choose between “all” friends or “friends”. It is used when users can delete contact requests in case the person not interested.

This function also, though with several options, has the option “Who can view our contact list”. Many users suspect this type of information could blocked for personal reasons, such as access to the “public”, “friends”, “exempt friends”, “untreated friends” or “me only”.

If that’s what “Invisible” wants, it’s also an important option to move around as no one can search your profile via e-mail and link. Here you have several options like “Friend Friend”, which can be a good option. The same goes for the phone number if you have already registered. Among other features that automatically added to Google’s engineering capabilities are making your Facebook profile something not recommended unless you can provide a professional experience. Other books published?

Privacy On Facebook And WhatsApp

Facebook also has other accounts relating to privacy and everything to what your contacts do. Sometimes, perhaps not so often, you make fun of your many friends (and tag yourself) in pictures that don’t suit you too much. We all live, especially when we are young, with a sense of insanity and lust, which we want no one to see.

You decide, among other things, who can publish your biography, who can see what others are publishing, who can view the publications in which you write, but most of all approve and acknowledge when someone adds an image. your name.

You can also choose your “story” to share with those short stories that have taken place over the past few years. Users can use the messages in the section “Public Agenda” to define what we want to make easier to comment on our comments, what we’re all capable of, and which can be useful if we want to accept them as ungrateful.

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Let’s Check The Locks

In extreme situations, you can do this by adding an e-mail or closing an e-mail, and beware of invitations to certain mobile applications or games that may occasionally flood our profiles. In addition to all this, deactivate the social network account that attached to receive the photos. Under the name “Do you want Facebook to recognize you in pictures and videos?” We want to say “no”. Well, what about

What About Whatsapp?

Privacy On Facebook And WhatsApp

Although in the world, it’s true that WhatsApp, in case you don’t know, is a Facebook Messenger app conglomerate. The service, which has an encryption system to transfer messages, also has various privacy options. You must access your account “Account”.

You can view some specific ideas here that include two different options, “Security” and “Securitas”. First of all, we can say if we want to see whether (no contact, “no contact” or “all”) time structures linked together. These may be small indications but can generate many controversies and disputes, especially between spouses.

It also helps us see whichever image. Many users in this space add personal photos but can viewed by someone who has our phone number. Can you imagine us wanting to notify the person that used our service to provide our phone somewhere? There are several options, including several options, Privacy On Facebook And WhatsApp

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