How to Fix Stop Car Odometer?

The odometer will probably be as old as the car itself. Back in the day, people manually converted the odometer to less than a thousand pins. Times have changed and analogue meter channels are digital. But the concept of PC programming is not extinct. People are accustomed to use specific instruments to change numbers in an odometer. But such thoughts are far from the perfect. What if you don’t want to mess with your mileage and just want to try your vehicle? You can check out , which sells a switch stopper. There is only one tool that will help you if you’re wondering how your odometer can stop.

what is the mileage stopper device?

The engine has a unique odometer blocker, which prevents your car from going around to record distance. It is a small device that accesses information on the ECU and filters your messages. sells the best switch stopper on the market – once you search for quality, you will instantly find premium features.

But there is one thing to remember: this machine should not be used for deceitful use. This is your vehicle to test. Then you need to move him slightly to the floor.

How to use a mileage stopper device?

To use the mileage stopper properly, you need to jump off the odometer. The process is simple, the car is completely safe. After you’ve done this, you need to connect this unit with its original plug. The installation will take about 30 minutes and you can use this tool immediately.

To get started, you can explore the available modes when you complete the installation. You can record the exact location, divide the number of miles that are recorded, or store the miles on your vehicle.

Again, you should not use this device to deceive or reduce the pace of potential customers.

Main features of the microscope stopper device

The kilometer stopper engine from is useful, especially if you want to safely test your vehicle. It comes with interesting features to make it a little more interesting.

odometer programmer is undetectable

As mentioned, the odometer programmer acts as a control center between the vehicle and the dashboard. When you access the ECU and other control units, it provides a way of working. If the effect is not reversible, remove this engine from the car. Not found with scan diagnostics or other equipment.

Mileage filter line-forward

Trouble mileage is easy to use. The majority of the models can be controlled with buttons on the steering wheel. The installation is pretty simple. You can attach and use the tool independently – you don’t need the help of others.


The Milestone Programmer is the ultimate tool by which you can record your code. But you should not use it on public roads. It is better to move your vehicle slightly in the area.


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