How to Make Free Phone calls from your computer

Free Phone call from your computer

Staying in touch with friends and family all over the world is easier thanks to modern technology. All you need is a computer, keyboard shortcuts, and an app to get started making phone calls free in the US and even internationally.

In this article, we’re going to explore the best free app-to-phone services. Read on to learn how you can make a free phone call from your computer using one of the tools on our website. Also, make sure to check out our article on how to interview your PC. How is Aninge someone on PC?

Making phone calls from your computer can be done using VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology. Your computer allows you to receive and transmit voice over the internet. Don’t confuse this with WiFi calling.

That said, you can use two different types of services: app-to-app and app-to-phone. The App-to-App Service collects all devices at the same time, while both devices are built on the same device. This can end. Fortunately, the app-to-phone option lets you Free Phone calls from your computer to an actual phone, even if it is a landline.

Best Free Apps to Do on Phone From Your PC

Most app-to-phone programs are simple in design and work almost identically. Some of them don’t have to train on your computer. You can start by dialling directly from the protocol using the interface and similar buttons. User-friendliness is one of the greatest advantages of using a user-to-phone app.

Here are our top picks. Google Voice

Google allows you to deliver voice calls to landlines or to any mobile number that you want to deliver in the United States or Canada. Alcohol can last for a maximum of 3 hours, but you can tell how many you want. Google provides you a free phone number from which you can go to another phone. Free voicemail and SMS are included.

Your PC is available for downloading the internet, so you don’t need to install any software. It is supported by several browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. Voice is also available on Android and iOS devices.


TextNow is another great app to compose phone calls from your computer and is free in North America. To get started, you need a Windows or Mac app, depending on your computer system. Get started in the United States and Canada for free. International merchandise is available. Make sure to check rates. Account registration will be required after which the phone number is returned to you. In addition to free local calls, TextNow provides free text, group calls, voice messages and conference calls. But the translation of the book contains certain images. You can opt for the free version of the $9.99 monthly subscription.


VoipDiscount can be used as a stand-alone app, either directly or directly from your browser, without setting up your computer. Now make sure to grab your PC before creating. The Windows version is like the Mac version. That said, the free version of VoipDiscount comes with fixed restrictions. Uber has the world’s most famous mobile numbers in the United States and Canada. Note: You can also call VoipDiscount emergency call numbers, which is rare among free phone software. You can view the full national rates list on VoipDiscount’s website.

VoipDiscount also offers a monthly subscription option. You can call mobile phone numbers and landlines and mobile phone numbers from select countries for a cheap monthly fee. To set up a subscription, you need to log in and collect your credit from the dashboard.

Pop Tox

Pop Tox is a free phone number that can be used by any browser. All you need is a plug-in just log in to your browser, call the phone number you want, and click the “Call” button.

Keep in mind, free calls are limited as much as you can in one day.

If you want unlimited international calls PopTox offers a monthly subscription that starts from $10/month.


Like all white services, Globfone is available for free. No training is necessary and you can call both landlines and your mobile phone from your PC. The number and period of the call are limited by IP addresses, but the net cap expires after 24 hours. Globfone is different from other similar services because you can calculate local, national and international numbers without any trouble. . No payment plans or subscriptions are available. Call service is completely free and you don’t need to have an account.

Citrus Tel

Citrus Tel is a web service that you can use for free calling from your computer. No need for mourning. Now go to its web pages and clock in paper numbers and click the call button The only downside is that CitrusTel can be only Google Chrome and your browser. Note that international calls and landlines are based in each country and region. Make sure to check rates before you start placing calls.

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