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Cake – a dessert, rectangular or round, consisting of cake and cream. In the past, only cakes were baked. It was believed that cakes of this shape symbolize the sun and fertility.

Today, cakes range from traditional round or rectangular shapes to cakes shaped like cars, castles, dolls, cartoon characters, etc.

Delicious cake at home – The Basic Principles of Cooking

Recipes for delicious cakes at home impress with their variety.

Biscuits, waffles, Choux, Shortbread, and Puff, are the most popular dough used to make cakes. Basically, you can cook any other dough whose recipe you know. To make the cake taste more interesting, add nuts, dried fruit or pieces of chocolate to the dough.

Combine all the ingredients and knead the dough for the cake. It can be liquid or quite steep. Then bake the cake and let it cool. If you wish, you can soak them with syrup or jam diluted with water or milk.

To decorate and lubricate the cake, use cream. It can be fatty, egg white, creamy, cottage cheese or sour cream. It all depends on what is being cooked. In addition to the cream, jelly, jam, meringue or fresh fruit are used for the cake.

Each cake is coated with cream and placed on top of each other. The top layer and sides are also smeared and decorated with cream. You can assemble the cake after the cakes are baked, and the cream is cooked.

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