What options are there for processing IDocs?

With EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), processes can be electronically map and automate with a certain degree of standardization. This applies in particular to logistics processes related to sales and purchasing. For example, a program’s orders may automatically be processe or sent to a user and the data transmitted to the user’s system.

SAP IDoc is the standard data structure for exchanging documents between SAP applications and between SAP and external systems. SAP has three different IDOC processing methods: outbound, inbound, and status.

There are diverse paths that the IDoc can take:

SAP IDoc outbound dispensation

With SAP IDoc outbound processing, IDocs are sent from your system to a downstream system.

  • Message control finds the message using conditions and forwards it to the SAP IDoc interface.
  • The application generates the IDoc directly from SAP and sends it to the IDoc interface.

Processing of SAP IDoc entries

With SAP IDoc inbound processing, IDocs are sent from another system to your SAP system.

The SAP IDoc data is automatically converted into the corresponding application data and forwarded to the appropriate application.

  • The SAP IDoc interface initiates a workflow where users can review or edit the data.
  • In addition, mapping can automatically convert the data in the SAP IDoc inbound processing into values ​​suitable for your system.

SAP IDoc status processing

All processing steps of an IDoc are record in the status logs, and the downstream system can return a status confirmation with the status registers. This way, you can identify and fix problems related to the transmission or processing of SAP IDocs and change the document’s status.

SAP IDocs that have already been transmitted and their processing status can be view via the IDoc transaction. The status light shows whether an error occurred during sending or processing. In addition, each step is mark with a status containing a number and the relate status text, from which the mistake can be read.

Now that we know the problem with SAP IDoc processing, we can fix it with IDoc transaction 9. The gratified of the SAP IDoc can be handle in the IDoc transaction, and the IDoc can be forward or processe  again. In this way, the incorrect status of the document can be adjust.

Libelle EDITION offers a comprehensive overview of all relevant SAP IDocs and their status, thus simplifying manual troubleshooting. In addition, Libelle EDITION automates the troubleshooting process and enables regulated processing of your SAP IDocs. (Font)

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