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PointAvatar bonds the gap between existing mesh and implicit representations, combining high-quality geometry and views with topologic flexibility, ease of deformation, and rendering efficiency.


Personalized 3D avatars will enable new forms of communication and entertainment. A successful tool for creating avatars must enable easy data capture, be computationally efficient, and create a realistic, animable, and revivable 3D representation of the user. Unfortunately, existing approaches are not able to meet these requirements.

Recent methods that create 3D avatars from videos are based on 3D morphable models (3DMM) or exploit neural implicit representations. That Previous methods allow efficient rasterization and inherently generalize invisible deformations. Still, they cannot easily model individuals with glasses or complex hairstyles, as 3D meshes are limited by a priori settings surface-like topology and geometry.

Recently, neural implicit representations have also been used for modeling 3D Head. Although it outperforms 3DMM-based methods in capturing hair strands and glasses, since then, they have become less efficient to train and render rendering a single pixel, which requires querying many points along the camera beam. Moreover, changing implicit representations in a generalizable way is non-trivial, and existing approaches have to fall back on inefficient root search loops, which negatively impacts training and testing times.

To address this problem, we propose PointAvatar, a novel avatar representation that uses point clouds to represent

Canonical geometry and studying the contribution of continuous deformation include:

  1. We suggest a new representation for 3D animation avatars based on explicit canonical point clouds and continuous deformation, which shows sophistication photo-realism while being much more efficient rather than existing implicit 3D avatar methods;
  1. We decompose RGB colors to be pose-agnostic pose-dependent albedo and shadow components;
  1. We demonstrate the superiority of our method on a variety of subjects captured through a variety of commodity cameras, demonstrating superior results in the challenge case, for example, for thick curly hair and new poses with large deformation.

What is the use of avatars?

Gaming pioneered the widespread use of avatars, in which players navigate virtual worlds through a digital persona of their choice. This evolution continues with the rise of online communities and social media, where avatars have become necessary for expressing individuality and connecting with others.

An avatar is a visual representation of a person for use in a digital context. It’s usually a computer-generated image, like a bitmoji. On communal media, “avatar” also refers to your profile picture—the image that signifies you on the platform.

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