Squid Game guard of uniform

The intense Netflix hit Squid Game disappoints, but nothing can be denied that the show has a beautifully cast nine episodes. There is a red light, a green light in the pastel-colored robot girl building, where the damned contestants live and they’ll beat their clothes. The main guards are red, the contestants are green, and Darth Vader is impressed by discovering a hidden man in the dark metal.

Squid Game Guard Costumes

The red guards wear decently colder clothes than their competitors in investigating cases. They wear red hair jumpsuits that emerge from their foreheads, with black belts. There are no numbers, but black monsters represent either a triangle, circle or square on their foreheads. They carry great and menacing weapons.

Squid Game Front Man Costume

The first person is the boss of the guards, though it turns out to be a boss too. This outfit is probably the coolest and heaviest of your styles. He wears an unusual black mask with sharp corners and a long shirt and black glove. The shirt and gloves are pretty simple to buy (especially if they have a shirt under the hood), but your mask is harder.

Red Light, Green Light Squid Game Costume

One of the many new features of the game is that the giant robot schoolgirl, which is a red light, a green light game, is the first game of the show. Finishing tools don’t seem to be marketed in the country, but they are easy to fit. Take a brown coat with a golden woolen breast, and tie your hair with short tails or curls (or a wig). Then they move and say, “red light, green light!” and quickly turn around and see men. This is enough.

Get to Know the Cast of Squid Game

Do you want your kids to jeopardize the game of their life if they wanted to win a literal fortune? The surprise hit Korean drama Squid Game caught audiences with the 456 billion Croatian brutal war (around $38 million). The nine-episode K-drama hit Netflix No.1 in the Top 10, with millions of viewers following its star cast of all-Korean social and hostile versions of Death Light, Green Light, and other free games. For fans who are hacked and talented throughout the series, here’s everything we know about the characters and roles in Squid Game.

Screenwriter & Director:              Hwang Dong Hyuk      

Composer:                                        Jung Jae Il

Main Role:                                        Lee Jung Jae, Park Hae Soo, Jung Ho Yeon, Wi Ha Joon,

Support Role:                                  Anupam Tripathi, Heo Sung Tae, Yoo Sung Joo, Kim Young Ok, Park Hye Jin, Won Chun Gyu,Hong Woo Jin, Kwak Ja Hyung, Kim Joo Ryoung, Lee Yoo Mi, Kang Mal Geum, Yoon Young Kyun, Park Sun Ah, Kim Dong Hyun, Im Ki Hong, Yang Mal Bok, Jang Hyun Jin, Kim Dong Won

Guest Role:                                      Lee Doo Suk, Wie Ji Yeon, Kim Yeon Ung, Lee Seo Hwan, Kim Bup Rae, Kim Min Shik and more,

Distributor:                                       Netflix

Audio format:                                  Dolby Atmos

Camera setup:                                 Multi-camera

Original language:                          Korean

Country of origin:                           South Korea

No. of seasons:                               1

No. of episodes:                              9

Genre:                                               Action, Thriller, Survival, Horror, Drama

Original release:                              September 17, 2021


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