Top 10 Tech Services Every Virtual Assistant Should Learn

Wondering how can you acquire some brownie points with the most in-demand tech services for virtual assistants?


Virtual assistants possess an extensive skillset, without a doubt. However, including the most in-demand tech services for virtual assistants to your expertise will not only prove worthy but upgrade your work to a whole new level. So, here we bring the best 10 tech services for virtual assistants.

Top Tech Services for Virtual Assistants to Learn in 2021

1. Graphic Designing – Canva

Are you a complete newbie when it comes to designing? Canva is a life-saver for every VA whenever anything comes in URGENT in terms of visual content! From social media graphics to Instagram stories to presentations, Canva is quick and easy to learn, includes multiple templates, sizes, and fonts, as well as you can save your work, effortlessly.

The Premium version is FREE for a month, and if you want to opt for a paid version, go for it!

2. Email Marketing & Management – Mailchimp  

Talking about high conversion rates and the best email marketing service provider, Mailchimp takes the trophy, allowing you to send emails to up to 2,000 contacts for FREE. You can simply create your Mailchimp account and start using its services. Also, you can upgrade your account starting at $11/month and get access to all pre-built templates.

3. Social Media Marketing – Pinterest Management 

Always wanted to stay on top of the Pinterest game? Pinterest Management is your go-to-buddy. The Platform is inclined towards search engines, contrary to other social media platforms. It is one of the best tech services for virtual assistants, efficiently allowing users to promote content, products, and services through the platform & it’s absolutely free to learn and use.

4. Online Marketing – Webinar Setup 

Currently, webinars are used by every person in online and internet marketing firms. This best-selling tool allows gathering a set of people online and promoting any services or products through detailed information, leading to live traffic. However, setting up these webinars on Facebook Live or Zoom could be tedious for entrepreneurs, leading them to look out for virtual assistants with such experience.

5. Paid Promotional Campaigns – Facebook Ads 

Facebook Ads assist in core targeting (in terms of location, demographics, interest, behaviour, and connections) and helps bringing high Return On Investment (ROI) even on a low-cost budget. So, adding this popular marketing skill to your expertise will definitely work wonders.

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6. Appointment Management – Acuity Scheduling 

Schedule appointments, paying bills, and completing intake forms online are not a big deal with Acuity Scheduling. This simple tool assists in avoiding to and fro and aligns appointments, events, or meetings as per the availability of everyone involved. Its free version is restricted to limited features, however, the paid variant, that starts at only $14/month, has multiple features like calendar syncing, Quickbooks integration, and accepting payments.

7. CMS Management –

What if you can build a website without coding? Incredible, I know! With over 10,000 themes, free & paid plugins, and a whopping 29% of web users, is free (you do have to pay for hosting though) and the most popular website builder. It’s really easy to learn and adding this ability to your portfolio would, no wonder, amp up your career.

8. Social Media Marketing – Facebook Management 

Free to use as well as easy to grasp, Facebook Management is undoubtedly a worthy skill to learn and add to your portfolio. From managing responses to scheduling and publishing posts, Facebook Management covers every aspect to maintain your business page or group, efficiently. As it’s the prime requirement of every business today, learning this tech service is a win-win for everyone.

9. Project Management – Basecamp 

Keeping things together is much better than being all over the place, right? Basecamp is a handy tool that assists in organizing tasks and creating a clear space for each project or team. From Message Boards to To-Dos to Group Chat and Docs & Files, Basecamp is where all things are streamlined.

10. Lead Management – Leadpages 

Leadpages is a landing page builder, where one can effortlessly build code-free websites, high-converting landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, and more. Knowing how to collect qualified leads and selling services or products with Leadpages is unquestionably an amazing skill to acquire, advantageous for you as well as the clients. The plans start at $27/month, with an option to scale up

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