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Transistor Write for Us

Transistor Write for Us

A transistor is a type of semiconductor device that can be used to conduct and isolate electric current or voltage. Transistors act as switches and amplifiers. In simple terms, we can say that a transistor is a miniature device used to control or regulate the flow of electronic signals.

Transistors are one of the critical components in most electronic devices available today. Developed in 1947 by three American physicists, John Bardeen, Walter Brattain, and William Shockley, the transistor is considered one of the most important discoveries in the history of science.

How Does a Transistor Work?

Let’s see how a transistor works. BJT consists of three terminals (Emitter, Base, and Collector). It is a currently driven device with two P-N junctions in the BJT.

One P-N connection is between the emitter and base regions, and the second is between the collector and base regions. A small amount of current flow through the emitter to the base can control a large amount of current flow through the device from the emitter to the collector.

In typical BJT operation, the base-emitter junction is forward-biased, and the base-collector junction is reverse-biased. When current flows through the base-emitter junction, current will flow in the collector circuit.

To explain how a transistor works, let’s take the example of an NPN transistor. The same principle is used for PNP transistors, except that the current carriers are holes, and the voltage is reversed.

Uses of Transistors

In our modern society, the extensive use of electricity has enabled various uses of transistors in every electronic circuit. Transistors are used in our daily lives in various forms, which we know as amplifiers and switching devices. As amplifiers, they are used in various oscillators, modulators, detectors, and almost any circuit to perform a function.

In digital circuits, transistors are used as switches. According to their function, various transistors function at low and high frequencies. There are low, medium, and high-power transistors.

Advantages of Transistors

  • Lower cost and smaller size.
  • Less mechanical sensitivity.
  • Low operating voltage.
  • Very long life.
  • No power consumption.
  • Fast switching.
  • Better efficiency circuits can be developed.
  • They are used to develop single integrated circuits.

Transistor Limitations

Transistors have several limitations, namely as follows:

  • Transistors do not have higher electron mobility.
  • Transistors are easily damaged if electrical and thermal events occur—for example, the release of static electricity during handling.
  • Transistors are affected by cosmic rays and radiation.

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