USB Drive Is Not Showing Up How To Fix It

About USB Flash Drive

what is a usb flash drive? The USB flash drive is a mobile device that can store data for backup and be used for transporting easily. The USB flash drive is a type of flash memory, which is also called a flash drive.

Features great convenience and portability, great storage capacity and cheap.

On this MiniTool station, you can choose USB flash drive methods.

In general, USB flash drive capacity is 1G, 2G, 4G, 8G, 16G, etc. For example, the current USB flash capacity is much better, such as 128G. You can buy at a reasonable price. For example, a 4G to 8G USB flash drive takes you around 5 dollars.

How to choose a model USB Flash Drive

With many different types of USB flash drives on the market, you can choose only one handicap model. This part will then show you how to choose and display the USB flash drive. It shows some basic and essential notes when buying a USB flash drive.

If he is afflicted by this difficulty, please pay attention to what follows.


For starters, you need to improve your USB flash drive capability. You will learn how to store a document and folder in it. If the capacity of your USB flash drive is small, but there is plenty of information, it wouldn’t be enough.

With a small capacity USB flash drive, you will need to drive your data into the USB space to store other data. This will be awesome news for you. Of course, purchasing a USB flash drive extra-great action is not wise. Although it won’t bother you, don’t waste too much time.

Hence, choosing the appropriate USB flash drive capacity is very important. You need to buy carefully when buying.


The speed of the USB flash drive also matters. In general, the faster USB is better. There are two factors to speed up the USB drive: the USB port itself and the drive side.

Another interesting thing is that when two similar USB flashes are detected and both with USB 3.0 and 64GB capacity are built by one builder, you can raise the question: What are their costs? The answer is the quality of the parts that determine your status.

USB 3.0 is much faster than USB 2.0 but supports both a standard USB port and a network pin. If your flash drive is USB 3.0, but the computer port is USB 2.0, the speed of transfer will be up to USB 2.0.

The flash drive and controller type inside the stick also has an impact on speed.

The best drives use advanced memory controllers, and have the same qualities as solid-state controllers (SSDs), while cheaper devices use cheaper parts that work well in data transfer and storage.

USB is a widely adopted technology that blocks many devices on our computers every day. Although it’s easy to fix, sometimes it’s not all plug and play. What do you do when your USB drive is not showing up?

This can caused by many different problems like wounded or dead USB flash drive, software and drivers development, problems, system logs, file damage, and machine collisions. Other procedures, such as a faulty device, a dead system controller, or a USB port, will require professional help from the device or device with a variety of possible technical solutions until it works again.

We’ve rounded up some effective solutions that can lead to problems with USB links. Most of these machines also operate on different devices such as disks, mice, video games, and more, which require a USB connection.

Also, check out our short YouTube video where we found some solutions below. If an error on the USB device is not recognized, we also have a solution for it, so you can check the connection. How to fix plugged-in USB drive not showing

Preliminary checks

Check for device compatibility

Update your operating system

Windows Troubleshooter tool

Use Disk Management tool

Try plugging into another computer or USB port

troubleshoot drivers

Use Device Manager to scan for hardware changes

Create a new drive volume and assign a drive letter

Disable USB Selective Suspend feature

Preliminary Checks USB

Check your USB device on. When you connect your USB stick to your computer, it is best to turn on the flashing lights to design an action unit. Some units have a dedicated body power cable or manual button, which you can turn on for your computer to detect it.

Examine USB Stick Cracks. It is possible that it can damaged by lightning strikes without your knowledge, so check your problems first.

Restart Your Computer. This may be an old technical support, but it hurts a lot of problems, especially those that occur through software glitches. Unplug the USB stick, lock your computer, and unplug the power source. Wait for up to one minute before restarting your computer and try again.

Allow your Computer to fully load the USB stick again. Some accountants can slowed down and many activities that they have on startup can suppressed, making it possible for your USB stick to be neglected.

Checking for Device Compatibility

If your USB stick doesn’t work on your computer, then it won’t be showing up when you plug it into Windows PCs, especially USB 3 devices, and can connect with USB 2 ports, which is not very annoying.

But with advanced technology, it requires a more powerful and compatible USB 3 port to operate. Check the installation manual or packaging compatibility information before trying again.

Update your operating system

If you’re using Windows, updating the operating system comes with very large packages that support different hardware and devices, plus it fixes any errors you may encounter.

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