What are career options in travel and tourism administration?

People across the globe love to travel which makes the tourism and hospitality sector one of the most successful industries in the world. The industry accounts for a large rate of employment generation and its revenue is one of the strongest pillars of world economies.

Resetting and adapting after each challenge thrown to its face, the tourism sector is thriving making hospitality and tourism administration a favourite career choice for students. A relevant degree and the right skills in the field can help you bag lucrative career opportunities in different parts of the world.

Read more to find out about the different career opportunities in the travel and tourism industry.

1.Travel consultant

Travel consultants are approached by clients to find suitable tour packages. As a travel consultant, you must understand the client’s needs and suggest suitable packages for them. You are also responsible for providing important information regarding the tour packages to customers and organizing the trip from beginning to end. Taking care of the client’s requirements is the chief responsibility of a travel consultant.

A travel consultant earns around $59,000 to $1,65,000 on average per year.

2. Tour guide

If you love to travel, becoming a tour guide is the best choice for you. As a tour guide, you must be well-versed in important information regarding tourist places such as historic monuments to inform the people and solve their queries. You must take people to different places and explain their relevance, both historical and cultural to them.

As a tour guide, you can take home an average salary of $33,818 to $38,154 annually.

3. Hotel manager

As a hotel manager, you must manage various administrative operations in a hotel. This includes overseeing the daily activities of various departments functioning in the hotel. You are also responsible for managing the budgets and finances of the organization. The marketing operations should also be overlooked to ensure maximum results.

The average salary of a hotel manager is $57,558 per year.

4. Restaurant manager

A restaurant manager’s duties are similar to that of a hotel manager but are limited to restaurant activities. You must head the various operations in a restaurant, help in the onboarding process of new employees, prepare and manage the budgets and expenses, take care of the resources, and interact well with customers to establish cordial relations.

A restaurant manager earns an average of $46,256 per year.

5. Event coordinator

As an event coordinator, your responsibilities include organizing events for clients. You have to guide people working under you and make sure that the requirements are met with perfection. You can also use your creativity in planning the events to ensure that the event is well executed.

As an event coordinator, you have the option of working under a company or as an entrepreneur. If you work as an entrepreneur, the profits of organizing an event come to you.

These are some of the lucrative career opportunities in the travel and tourism industry. With experience, you can get senior-level job posts which offer you more salaries.



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