Want to Be a Lawyer? Study Tax Law

Becoming a lawyer is a good and respectable career in India. In-depth knowledge of the law gives an upper hand in providing legal advice to people and invoking social change. There are various areas in the law field, such as criminal, corporate, environmental, media, family, property, and international. However, pursuing a taxation law course allows students to enjoy more excellent stability, financial security, flexibility, and other perks.

This article will delve into the benefits of studying tax law and how it can provide a competitive edge in a legal career. Before discussing the advantages of pursuing tax law, let’s understand the course comprehensively.

What does tax law entail?

Taxation is when a government imposes a tax on its citizens and business firms to generate income for projects to boost the country’s economy. It aims to raise the standard and living conditions of people staying in the country. Tax law regulates the government’s ability to impose fees on permits, transactions, income, property, and other things through the taxation process. It gives a public authority a claim on taxpayers and mandates that they transmit a portion of their income or property to the administration. Most people agree that governments have the right to levy taxes.

Tax law course

BA+LLB in Taxation Law is a five-year undergraduate programme that provides extensive exposure to law, commerce, and tax. The course covers various topics related to taxation in multiple areas, such as social, environmental, and economical. The course curriculum includes Introduction to Taxation in India, Managerial Accounting, Goods and Services Tax, Business Computing, Environmental Studies, Business Communication, Corporate Accounting, etc.

Admissions experts recommend that prospective lawyers must attend a reputable and top-ranked university to get a high-quality education and land well-paying jobs. Getting into a top-ranked law school exposes you to industry experience and practical aspects of the law. Upon completing the course, you can pursue various high-paying jobs.

Many students misunderstand that they require quantitative and mathematical skills to pursue a taxation law course. However, you need a good intellectual capacity and knowledge of tax reforms and current affairs to study taxation law.

Advantages of studying taxation law

Taxation law is one of the most critical fields of the Indian legal industry. Over the past few decades, India has witnessed a massive demand in the requirement for taxation law graduates. Tax lawyers are among the most satisfied professionals, so many students aspire to pursue tax law. Let’s look at the top reasons to consider studying tax law in India.

  1. Studying taxation law provides greater job security.
  2. You can find a job in every employment sector.
  3. You will enjoy a better work-life balance.
  4. You will have the opportunity to provide valuable legal advice to your clients.
  5. You can make a difference in society with your work.
  6. You can make more money depending on the number of satisfied clients.
  7. You will have various opportunities to grow professionally.

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