5 Best Tools for Experienced Mobile App Designers

While every app design project is different, your strategy should by no means be static. When it comes to mobile app design, the overall design should be dynamic. To make this possible, there are numerous tools for mobile app designers that can be use to create an innovative and effective mobile app design.

An app design project can vary in aspects such as B. Product preferences, the experience level of app designers, team size for the project, and many additional changing variables. In the case of mobile app design tools, few are considered the best of the best by app designers.

In today’s article, we will deliberate some of the best mobile UI design tools for app designers and their pros and cons. The list below contains the top 9 tools for mobile app designers and some of the best app designer software:

The best tools for mobile app developers in

Here are some of the mobile app UI design tools used by mobile app design professionals to improve an app’s design and convince the user of the app:

  1. MockMore

The MockPlus is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and best mobile application prototyping tools available today. This app builder tool doesn’t require any coding knowledge from the users and allows them to create interactive components with the easy drag and drop option.

With 200+ components and 3000 UI icons that can be easily used on different platforms, including web, iOS, and Android programs. While using MockPlus, a user also gets an opportunity to preview different types of design prototypes for your apps on various mobile devices.

Benefits of the MockPlus tool:

  • multi-platform
  • Advanced components and symbols
  • Strong team support

Disadvantages of MockPlus tool:

  • Problems with interaction components
  • Require multiple steps for dynamic actions
  • Learn more about MockPlus – HERE

2 Sketch

Another professional app design tool is Sketch, which is quite similar to Photoshop but mainly oriented towards UI design, an application’s UI/UX design. It’s easy to say that Sketch allows you to achieve very professional results since it offers the user a set of design tools.

These features supported by this app designer tool are stylized vector shapes, infinite zoom, multi-resolution support, 2x export, etc. Apart from that, there is also an “Export All” option to export all files in different formats like PNG, JPG, and even PDF data.

Benefits of the sketch tool:

  • Easy to learn
  • Profitable
  • Support for custom plugins
  • vector approach

Disadvantages of the sketch tool:

  • Limited artwork
  • Lack of delay in resolution
  • Exclusive to Mac
  1. Axe

As a wireframing tool, Axure ensures that users don’t have to enter a single line of code when designing mobile apps and websites. It also includes various documentation tools that can help document layouts and application design decisions.

Here, mobile app designers can choose between the Pro edition or the standard model of the tool. Axure’s professional template provides additional documentation elements and advanced prototyping solutions for application design.

Advantages of the Axure tool:

  • Adaptive Views
  • Powerful functionality
  • time-saving
  • holistic approach

Disadvantages of the Axure tool:

  • Poor portability
  • mobility problems
  • Printed Specifications
  1. Mind only

JustInMind can be viewed as a standalone app design tool for designing prototypes and wireframes for a mobile app. Application designers can upload this tool directly to their server, making it easy to use for team collaboration.

JustInMind allows users to add online widgets, document files, HTML codes, and even maps directly from the widget library to online or offline apps.

Benefits of the JustInMind tool

  • Fast and intuitive
  • Support for gesture-based interactions
  • Device specific templates
  • simulate function

Disadvantages of the JustInMind tool:

  • Moderate learning curve
  • Minor concurrency issues
  1. Miracles

Marvel is an excellent option if you want to combine app design and prototyping, and all of this can be done in collaboration with your team of mobile app designers. Marvel is somewhat similar to Photoshop and Sketch, especially when it comes to syncing your designs to cloud storage.

With the help of this tool, app designers can easily create advanced animations for their static prototypes. Marvel offers you a combination of three elements: prototype, design, and team collaboration.

Advantages of the Marvel tool:

  • Create a scrollable area
  • Many export options
  • Easy to learn
  • Keep files in sync

Cons of Marvel Tool:

  • No functionality to create articles
  • Interactivity limited to hotspots
  • Some features are complicated to discover

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