White-Glove Services: How to Drive High ROI and High-Value for Your Business

It’s no secret that providing an exceptional customer experience is the backbone of a successful business. With consumers spoilt for choice in choosing products, what tilts the balance in favor of a company is a great customer experience. No doubt, shoppers want a bargain deal, but they also wish to avail themselves of personalized services customized to their liking.

Basically, what they are looking for are white-glove services.

For business owners, this means providing bespoke services to consumers. True, it might feel like an unnecessary expense. But in the ultra-competitive business world, where every second company is offering the same product, adding a white-glove touch makes you stand out and registers your brand’s name in the customer’s mind.

 What Are Whiteglove Services?

 So, what exactly are white-glove services?

White-glove services are curated services that pay personalized attention to customers, with businesses going out of their way to serve them. They provide ‘wow’ customer service that goes beyond meeting basic expectations. White-glove services act as a corollary to customer retention strategies for businesses to retain customers and turn them into loyal advocates of your brand.

It sure pays off—a 2017 Capgemini survey revealed that 80% of customers would pay for a better experience. However, on the flip side, only 30% of customers believe businesses are customer-centric. This shows that while the need of the hour is to provide white-glove solutions to consumers, few organizations are providing it in the real sense of the term. If firms want to survive the cut-throat competition, they should dole out these services. For new and potential customers, following a set of structured sales process steps can enable businesses to outperform their competitors. Not only does it strengthen your brand image, but it also drives high ROI, ultimately improving your bottom line.

How White-Glove Service Drive High ROI

Here is how adopting white-glove services increases your ROI:

 Increased Revenue

Research by Deloitte shows that firms that focus on their customers are 60% more profitable than firms that don’t. Firms that are not customer-centric waste resources on products and services that do not address customer pain points. After all, it’s a lot more expensive to go after a new customer than an existing one. Once you have established a relationship of trust with a customer, they are likely to buy from you again, provided you give them exceptional service. The benefits are obvious: One, you get to retain your customers whom you can upsell in the future, and two, you save more money, which ultimately leads to increased ROI.

Loyal Customers Buy More

One advantage of providing exceptional customer service is that it entices individuals to repeatedly do business with your company. However, to do so, organizations have to be highly proactive and make available highly tailored, white-glove services that their customers expect. A Harvard article pointed out that a 5% increase in customer retention leads to over a 25% increase in profit. Other surveys are also on similar lines. You have a greater probability (60-70%) of cross-selling and upselling to existing customers compared to 5-20% with new prospects.

And why is that so?

It’s because return customers have already done business with you. They know you and trust you. Therefore, they will prefer to buy from you rather than do business with a new company with whom they are not familiar. In your case, since you are dealing with familiar customers, you do not have to spend so much on attracting them. This brings down your operating costs and makes for good returns. And the best part is they will also refer you to other people, which means more business for you.

Happy Customers Stick To You

Responding to customers promptly is the cornerstone of white-glove service. A Forrester report highlights how 73% of consumers want companies to value their time. While many businesses function under the wrong assumption that they provide quality service to their customers, figures speak a different story. Based on a SuperOffice survey of 1,000 companies, the average time to respond to customers is 12 hours, 10 minutes. With such long response times, it would be foolish of businesses to assume that customers will continue patronizing them.

Your response time matters!

Quickly responding to queries or even acknowledging their receipt makes customers feel cared for and special. And as mentioned above, the more you hold on to your existing customers, the greater your ROI will be.

How Do You Provide Stellar White-Glove Services?

Get a 360-degree View of Your Customers

Your business is actively collecting data from several customer-facing touchpoints. However, they are often locked up in silos and are of no purpose to you. By using a customer data platform (CDP,you can assemble the data in one place without repetition and get an accurate snapshot of your customers. This 360-degree view of customers’ profiles, habits, and spending histories will enable you to provide more personalized offers and, in effect, drive increased revenue.

Build a Customer Retention Strategy

Customer retention helps firms create strong relationships with their customers and boosts their revenue. Here are some ways to build a great customer retention strategy.

  • Segment your customers and create buyer personas to help your customer support representatives to understand their customers better.
  • Use a variety of touchpoints, such as outbound calls, follow-up emails, live chat tools, and surveys to connect to customers. Gather feedback and then work on the areas that are lagging.
  • Set metrics like customer satisfaction, net promoter score (NPS), customer referral rate, and others to monitor, analyze, and examine customer experience strategies for improved results.

Listen to Customers’ Problems

Poor customer service is one of the biggest reasons customers change service providers, and the customer and the human agent interactions are the most crucial elements. Go wrong here, and you can risk losing your customers altogether. If you aim to deliver white-glove services to your clients, learn to listen to your customers. The best customer support agents are skilled listeners who empathize with the customer, work on the pain points and then strive to deliver a bespoke white-glove service to the consumer.


Irrespective of which market segment you cater to, white-glove service is not an option anymore. If you’re to hold on to your customers, you need to opt for white glove services that put the customer at the forefront of all that you do. Offer them customized products and services and see how they become your biggest brand advocates.

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