Google launches the AI-powered “Google News” app for iPhone and iPad

One of the highlights of Google’s annual I/O developer conference was the AI-powered “Google News” app. The new move has put Google News in direct fire with Apple’s News app. Google has adequately analyzed the needs of each user, and features like this will be more beneficial for prioritizing news topics.

After you sign in with your Google account, Google News collects your preferences and topics that are important to you. The app coordinates with artificial intelligence and the user’s data.

The Google News app update includes tabs like For You, Headlines, Favorites, and Newsstand. Each account contains the corresponding summary. For example, under “For you,” Google shows exciting stories depending on your activity; under “Favorites,” you can select selected topics, and Google presents the top stories of the respective segment. The “Headlines” and “Kiosk” sections allow you to browse through the most important headlines of the day or subscribe to the monthly magazine.

With Google News, you’ll see:

  • Your Brief: Keeping up with all the stories you care about can be almost impossible. Stay informed with your briefing about what is essential and relevant to you. Their reports are updated throughout the day, giving you the top five stories you need to know, including local, national and global content.
  • Complete Coverage: Get the full context of any story with just a tap. Google News brings you all about an account online and organizes it by highlighting different perspectives, a timeline of important events, FAQs, influential people, and more.
  • Trusted Sources – Find quality content from various trusted publishers and discover sources you’ve never heard of.
  • Stories for You: Stay current on the topics that interest you, whether travel, politics, sports, technology or fashion.

Google entered the race with Apple at a very crucial time. A few weeks ago, Apple published the article “Apple News Exclusive” to make more room for its news app.

The problem with this is that Google has released Google News for iPhone and iPad on the App Store. I don’t know if Google is trying to get ahead of Apple’s Messages app by offering enticing features and an easy-to-use app. Still, one thing is pretty obvious: Google is taking Apple’s Messages app head-on. Only time will reveal its dominance in the messaging app space.

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